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Let Shiver Lumber Company help beautify the interior of your home, while adding to it's value with warm, rich looking moulding.

Throughout history, elegant moulding has embellished the finest homes and commercial buildings all over the world. Moulding can turn an average room into a signature statement with your own individual imprint. The ordinary is fashioned into the extraordinary. Just as important, moulding adds value to a home or building well in excess of its cost.

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  • Columns have enhanced some of America's finest homes. Although traditionally used in exterior applications, today's columns add a distinctive accent as interior structural supports, as part of mantels, as room dividers, in gazebos, in porticos or in trellising. Porch and lamp posts add a distinctive touch to any style home. Often used as the supporting element for porches in ranch style homes, or combined with balusters, rails, and decorative millwork, they help establish the popular Victorian style. Today, posts are used in a variety of applications including decks, gazebos, and trellises.


  • Cellular PVC Trimboard
    • Offers an unequaled combination of uniformity, durability, work-ability, and beauty. It is available in standard trim board, beadboard, corner board, and sheet sizes. With the look, feel and sound of clear, premium lumber, cellular pvc trim board is ideal for everything from trim and fascia to detailed millwork.
  • Treated Exterior Composite Trim
    • Combines the eye-catching beauty of cedar with the long-lasting performance of an engineered product. It is rot, moisture and termite resistant. Treated exterior composite trim looks just like real wood — only better. Combining beauty with the best in technology and performance, it helps you achieve a distinctive look for the long term.
  • Engineered Wood Trim
    • Designed to replace lumber in non-structural exterior trim applications on buildings, primarily residential. Since the product is engineered, it has none of the defects found in lumber, such as knots, splits, checks and wane.

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